Let's stop this war.


Stop War Putin Token

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About the SWP Token

WelcomeThe SWP token

-Stop War Putin-

We are TOKEN combining charity, DEFI and blockchain
To build our long term tokenomics.

Part of token will use for supporting Ukraine.

Help Ukraine like other country's do.
We stand together.

Follow us. 
Stay with us.

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Tokens birthed because of war

-Stop the War Putin -

We work as a charity to help people affected by the war
Create virtual worlds to restore people's warmth
Create a world of peace and no war.

SWP Releases GameFi Virtual World and Land
SWP does charity work to help people
SWP blockchain tokens build long term token economics

Some of the tokens will be used to support Ukraine.
Creating a virtual world without war

We don't want the world to go to war
We strongly condemn countries that start wars

Please join us in building a world of our own.




I'm Daria Ross, we met at a charity gala and an amazing journey began ......
As a charity, we're always talking about humanitarian issues in the world and trying to find ways to improve them. So that magical night led to what we are doing now, using the blockchain network to let people know that we are doing this and helping others.

Our founder Zach Barnes from the UK was very sympathetic to the war in Ukraine and how he wanted to help it, so he thought he could use his blockchain technology with us as a charity to help Ukraine.

Thus, the SWP token was born! In addition to helping Ukraine, we have a unique economic system that can provide a stable income for holders in the third phase of the project, and SWP NFT holders can also use Putin lottery tickets and exchange them for Tokens by pledging them. And more utility will come ......

Finally, we will donate part of the proceeds to the Ukrainian government for rebuilding homes, you are all heroes for helping Ukraine!


I am Allen , I am British and I am the founder of a blockchain technology company!I am very heartbroken because of the war in Ukraine, which has affected countless families and lives.While the original industry was developing the blockchain Gamefi, we decided to advance our project.We named the token Stop War Putin to build long-term token economics and execute the project !


We will issue NFT and GameFi to build our own virtual world, with no conditions to help people affected by the war.SWP strongly condemns Putin and has been doing charity for a long time to help people. In addition to charity, we have a unique economic system that can provide a stable income for the holders of the third phase of the project, SWP NFT will be combined with the SWP virtual land game and will provide a piece of Gamefi land for free to people affected by the war.With swp you can do charity, play games, collect nft, own the land of virtual world and create a better world!Everyone is a hero, let's create a better world together!



SWP Token


Distributed among
all Holders


Distributed among Charities


Automatic Liquidity Pool


 Burn of tokens

10% of tokens are burned when reaching 1.000 holders:

10% burned when reaching 1.000 holders.

20% burned when reaching 2.000 holders.

30% burned when reaching 3.000 holders.

40% burned when reaching 4.000 holders.

50% burned when reaching 5.000 holders.​

Until reaching 50% total supply.

What is tokenburning?

Token burning refers to the permanent removal of existing cryptocurrency coins from circulation.

The practice of burning is common in the industry and is quite straightforward. Token burning is an intentional action taken by the coin’s creators to “burn” — or remove from circulation — a specific number from the total available tokens in existence. There are several reasons to burn tokens this way, but generally the move is for deflationary purposes. Although larger blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum don’t usually employ this mechanism, burning is often used by altcoins and smaller tokens to control the number in circulation, providing greater incentives to investors.

The burning mechanism is unique to cryptocurrency, as regular fiat currencies are not usually “burned,” though the flow of available currency is otherwise regulated. Token burning is similar to the notion of share buybacks by publicly owned corporations, which reduce the amount of stock available. Even so, token burning has several unique uses and serves different purposes.


Road Map


2022 Q1

Website lanunch

Telegram open

Putin's meme

SWP pubilc


2022 Q2

2000 holders

Donate Ukralne 5000


1st Burn.

SWP NFT on Opensea

Create of the general



2022 Q3

5000 holders

NFT utillty ( clothes, mask ...)

Contact youtubers & Influencers

Build SWP chartity

office in every



2022 Q4

SWP 100% DAO

Stake NFT to SSWP

Highest Liquidlty Pool

Inltlated for Metaverse

Token To be traded on major exchanges.


Welcome to join our group
We will work together for this world
And we will also hold regular events to give back to our holders
Join us and let's work together!


How to buy SWP

Step 1.

Distributed among
all Holders

Step 1.

Distributed among
all Holders

How to buy SWP

Step 1.

Create a wallet on Matamask.

Make sure you are on the BSC network.

click to download

Step 2.

Connect to PancakeSwap with your wallet.

After the connection is successful, proceed to the Trade section.

click to download

Step 3.

You can buy any amount of $SWP with the amount of BNB in your wallet.



The charities we work with


Our Partners


Team members

Zach Barnes


Daria Ross


Tyne Lipsey


Lawrence Barton
Smart Contract Dev


Luca Woods
Smart Contract Dev




SWP GameFi will be named SWP BOX, currently SWP BOX development virtual world and land has been completed, waiting for the stage test and on the app store, we will be on the store at the same time release swp nft and do combine, a piece of digital real estate in the virtual world, players can buy it to build the experience. Once players own a piece of land, they will be able to populate it with games and assets. Multiple lands can be combined to form an estate.

There are currently 10,000 plots available, which will be developed depending on the user's preferences.

Users can monetize their time on the platform and keep 95% of their SWP earnings by.

★ Selling assets
Users can create and sell assets in the marketplace as NFT.

★ Owning land
Buy land in one of the SWP sales. Players can then rent them or fill them with content to increase the value of the land.

★ Build a game on Game Maker
Use Game Maker to build games on player-owned land and profit from them.

★ Sell products on the Game Store
Use the Game Store to sell virtual goods on player-owned lands and make money from them.

Support SWP BOX's ecosystem to help raise awareness of NFT, the metaverse and $SWP.

SWP BOX is underway

15 international brands have confirmed their partnership.

3 game apps are confirmed to collaborate.

32 artists are confirmed to collaborate.

4 celebrities are confirmed to collaborate.

108 youtubers are confirmed to collaborate.

37 TikToker confirmed to collaborate.

44 domain kol have confirmed collaboration.

Contacting various brands and businesses to enter the world of SWP BOX



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